How To Join

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How To Join

Our group is eligible for women born and living in the Caribbean that are new or expectant mothers. We request that prospective members be referred by an existing member. If you don’t know an existing member, no problem. A moderator will reach out to you in person or via video conference to verify.

If I don’t live in a Caribbean Country anymore, should I join?

Absolutely! Mummies that are part of the Caribbean diaspora also need support and being far from home can be an emotional experience when raising children. Many of us grew up with extended family and friends being a part of our upbringing. We created this group because we can all support each other online and in some way feel that we are close to home. Our group is about connection and community and if we can help you find another mum that you weren’t aware of that lives nearby then we have achieved our goal.

Steps to Join:

Click on the “Join button”. If you know an existing member, please provide her name on the application. If you don’t know a member, a coordinator will contact you.

Your application will be reviewed and once approved we will send you a welcome notice with important information on how to access the group. You will be automatically added to the Main group, Classifieds subgroup and the subgroup for the birth year of your child.