Message Boards

Our online message boards are one of the main ways in which we plan to achieve our goal in creating community. By creating a safe space for Caribbean mothers we hope that through discussion we can support each other.

The Main Discussion Group

All of the posts on our group are archived which means that new mums can search through past posts for information and advice. Discussion topics include: Family life, pregnancy, parenting, relationships, community, food and travel. Discussion is not limited to these topics and will expand based on the group’s needs.


We offer several sub-groups and the list will continue to expand based on needs.

These include a Classifieds section for mums to sell, buy, borrow or give away items. This also includes searching for requests and offers of babysitters, baby nurses, housekeepers and teachers.

Other examples are mums with babies that have complications, Single mums, mums of children with special needs, mums based in major cities around the world, mums of children born in 2016, 2017 etc.